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21 January 2019The Mysterious World of Salvador Dali
18 February 2019"I was most excessively delighted": Young Victoria's Watercolours and Diaries Showing Delight in the Arts
18 March 2019Giles: His Life, Times, and Cartoons
15 April 2019Personal Favourites: Masterpieces from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts - in the Context of the Image of Black People in Art
13 May 2019Summer Supper Party
20 May 2019"Sweet Thames Run Softly": the Thames Through Artists' Eyes
17 June 2019London in the Eighteenth Century: the Terrace House and Garden Square
15 July 2019The Bloomsbury Group: The Art of Vanessa Bell

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The Mysterious World of Salvador Dali Val Woodgate Monday 21 January 2019

Val is a Lecturer and Guide in Tate Britain,Tate Modern,  and at many other London galleries.She was a former member of the teaching team at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Val iasa Lecturer and runs courses at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.

 The Mysterious World of Salvador Dalí (s)

 Dalí “.....the difference between a madman and me is that I am not mad.” At one time the most well-known and popular artists of the twentieth century, Dalí was a self-publicist who filled gossip columns with accounts of his eccentricities for over 60 years. His paintings of the invisible world of the unconscious mind were considered shocking even among a group of extremists like the Surrealists, and after joining them he quickly became their most exotic and well-known member. His soft watches and huge animals with stick-insect legs are among the most memorable invented images of our time, and his Christ of St. John of the Cross is a highly original re-working of one of the central themes of Western art.